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NERTA CARNET JUMBO is a concentrated and gentle vehicle cleaner that is not corrosive and has an exceptional soaking power to safely clean any car.

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Unlike the majority of alkaline cleaners, Carnet Jumbo is not corrosive and has an exceptional soaking power to safely clean all types of vehicles. It is easy to rinse and leaves a water repellent, shiny finish.

For manual cleaning it is best applied as foam at a 3%-5% dosage. For the professional cleaner, this method is very economical in use due to its outstanding coverage and dwell time. The high performance foam is simply rinsed away together with the grit, dirt and traffic film.

Whilst not as fast as a corrosive TFR, Carnet Jumbo is still a quick and easy to use cleaner. The touchless performance reduces the risk of scratches from grit trapped in sponges and does not use strong corrosive components to clean. This makes Carnet Jumbo the ideal choice for anyone who cares about the condition of their vehicle.

NERTA CARNET JUMBO is an exceptionally soft wash agent. It can be used as both prewash and shampoo in automated systems with brushes, fogging systems and spray arches, or for manual use, highly diluted through high pressure cleaners and with foam systems.

  • Exceptional soaking power
  • Shiny finish
  • Non corrosive
  • Touch less cleaner

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