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Vehicle care

NERTA is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and caring chemicals in the car and truck wash sectors. NERTA manufactures innovative, high quality products for the cleaning and maintaining of your fleet.

Nerta was founded in 1971. Today, we export to more than 50 countries and we have recently doubled our production capacity in order to satisfy increasing demand for our products.

In the “Car & Truck” range we have defined 6 product applications each with its own colour and icon:

Nerta product applications for car and truck wash cleaning products


Our mission is clear: we want to be a true partner for our clients; chose the right products, train for optimal use and more.


  • INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE CARWASH PRODUCTS Our products cover the complete process: from prewash, insect removal and rim cleaning over shampoo and active foam to drying aids and preservatives.
  • TRENDSETTING IN TRUCK & BUS WASH CLEANING Nerta has built up a large expertise in cleaning large vehicles such as trucks, bulk carriers, buses and trams.
  • EXCELLENCE IN TOUCHLESS CLEANING We offer both powder and liquid products, together with several preservatives for the wax programme. Our range for touchless foam cleaning is unequalled.
  • THE SPECIALS RANGE COMPLETES THE NERTA OFFER Besides the specific applications within car and truck cleaning, we also offer a large range of specials.This includes products for interior cleaning, water treatment, cleaning and maintenance of car wash installations, etc.




Nerta is the specialist for the cleaning of your fleet of trucks, buses, trains and trams etc.

High quality products for all carwash installations: wash tunnels, roll-overs, pressure and hand wash, plus a complete range of chemicals for interior cleaning and valeting.

Nerta is an essential partner for the professional tank cleaner; we offer an extensive range of products for both internal and external cleaning, including tank renovation.

Nerta offers a range of products for cleaning and degreasing industrial equipment and heavy machinery.

Nerta offers a range for cleaning pleasure boats or cruisers. We offer our clients products to wash the external and internal parts of their vessel.

A range of concentrated products for cleaning and renovating vehicle interiors.

A range of various cleaning products for specific purposes.

The "WE by Nerta" Car Cosmetics assortment is an innovative product range displaying professional car cleaning products in high quality consumer packaging.

"innovation is a constant state of mind at nerta."