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Professional cleaning

"Taking care of quality since 1972." That's our moto. Nothing more, nothing less. We continuously invest in R&D to develop new and innovative products for the Professional Cleaning Industry.

Nerta Professional Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning products that are required for general cleaning, textile cleaning, dishes and hand hygiene. With this assortment, we not only offer a range of products, but we want to offer a complete conceptual approach, including: instruction sheets, EHBO-sheets, product sheets, safety data sheets. Furthermore, we provide our clients with the necessary training, so that each user can work with the products in a safe and efficient way.

If needed, the necessary dosage equipment can be provided in order to dose the products in a correct way.

Very effective and high-quality products that ensure visibly clean interiors.

The sanitary cleaners are very effective when it comes to lime removal and perfect cleaning.

Our washing detergents (available in liquid or powder form) have a very good cleaning performance and give a pleasant smell.

Our range of floor cleaning products are among the most effective ones on the market. We have products to clean all types of surfaces.

All disinfectants and sanitary products are designed to safely co-occur with biocides.

Our product range includes highly concentrated dishwashing liquids and powders with corrosion inhibitors and calcium binding capacity.

All hand cleaners are specially suited for a thorough and effective cleaning of the hands. They also provide skin protection.

A range of products with special applications that work effectively.

Products to clean heavy soiling in grills or ovens.

Products for the removal or prevention of corrosive calcium deposits.

Wir haben auch noch verschiedene andere Produkte in unserem Sortiment.

"innovation is a constant state of mind at nerta."